Eastern Traders

The lore of the Eastern TradersEdit

Strangers appeared floating upstream on the River of Life from the great waters to the east. These unusual Humans were dark of skin, yet their females walked with faces painted white and colorful. Quickly the strangers made contact with a group of scouts from the Old Growth Forest. Claiming to be traders, they acquired the supplies they needed quickly, supplying the Pann some very unusual trinkets. During their trade the strangers started asking the band of Pann scouts about Mystic Grove itself and inquiring as the the location of the Elven Queen. Being friends with those who inhabit The Mystic Grove, the Pann gave the traders no information, claiming they knew not of what was asked. Quickly word was sent to the High Council of the strangers approaching. After many scouting missions, it came to be believed the Traders were of a Goodly People, seeking aid and refuge at Mystic Grove. The Traders homeland had been attacked by the Deamon Yaojin. Yaojin, a shape-shifter who prefers the form of a fox, but takes many forms, wanted control of the Slumber Dragon who protected the forest in which the Traders called home. The Traders brought with them this small serpentine dragon, protecting it with their lives. The dark cloud following the Traders was of majick made by the Deamon Yaojin, hiding within it were the many Dragons Yaojin had taken control of in his pursuit of the Slumber Dragon and it's knowledge.


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