Fairy Forest

The lore of the Fairy ForestEdit

The Fairie Forest is a beautiful place across the river, south of the Mystic Grove. Fairies, Pixies and Nymphs are in abundance, but don't go looking for them. Shy creatures, they will normally watch you for quite a while before they allow themselves to be seen by one they do not know. You will know you are in the right place as soon as you enter the forest. Colors abound and the feeling of peace is in the air. Music is often heard on the wind played my the little ones or by Pann who lives here as well. The Sentinal Unicorn also calls this enchanted place home due to it's affinity with pixies who care for the unicorn from birth to death. The Sentinel Unicorn is always on duty watching over those he has chosen to protect. Upon the birth of the unicorn a service pixie attunes itself with it and together they work as a team for life.


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