Island of Lost Knowledge

The lore of the Island of Lost KnowledgeEdit

Little is known about this island or the Humans who live there. It is believed they are descendants of a very Ancient Civilization. It is known their use of majick and of science is much different then anything else seen around The Grove. It is also believed that they are somehow related to the MerFolk by ancient ancestry. Very rarely one will find a member of this civiliaztion off the Island of Lost Knowledge and even rarer one might be inside Mystic Grove. Almost never do they talk in any detail of their live on the island, their knowledge or their abilities. Other inhabitants of this island are known well by those in Mystic Grove including the Minators who are often seen around times of celebration at The Grove. While the Human Race that inhabits this Island is very reclusive, most of the other Goodly Races are often seen by those in Mystic Grove.


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