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The lore of King Hogrur's MineEdit

King Hogrur's Mine, the Dwarven Stronghold is located in the depths of the Smoking Mountains to the south. The Dwarven King has committed to his stronghold an extensive tunnel system and many precious metals and gems are mined from it's depths. The caverns and tunnels that have been dug out now reach danerously low, bordering on the realm of the Dark World. King Hogrur and his people have to be on constant guard in the lower sections, watchful of any Ungoodly intruders from that region. The Dwarves are a very sturdy race. Working hard in the mines, creating enchanted armor and weapons from the ore and gems mined in the depths. They are true craftsman, warriors and yet still, always ready for tall tales, good song and a mug of Dwarven Ale when the day is done. Many other races live in constant darkness in the world below ours. While it is possible to find a friend in the dark depths, almost all you come across live with loyality to themselves only and ally only when the alliance benefits them. Such makes sure the Dwarves are always watchful from attacks in the lower depths of the mines.


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