Middle hills

Middle Mountains

The lore of the Middle MountainsEdit

The Middle Mountains are actually a region within the Whitetop Mountains. The Middle Mountains sit below the snowcapped peaks and look down upon the Foothills and Glade. Home to many flying races, smaller Dragons, Wyverns, Harpies, Gryphons and more. It is also accessable to those without wings and is a highly populated region. Fighting and strive is a way of life in this region do to the mixture of many Goodly and Ungoodly Races Travlers beware for, as beautiful as the area is, it is not a place for sightseeing. Gryphons tend to make their nests in the craggy overhangs of the Middle Mountains. Such areas are difficult to reach and offer sme protection to the eggs and young. Smaller Dragons and Wyverns make homes in the caves located all around the Middle Mountains. With the warmer climate as compared to the Whitetops and the shorter flights to food and other things, this is a prefered region. Harpies and others also call the Middle Mountains home causing much friction in the region.


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