Ancient Walking Trees

The lore of the Old Growth ForestEdit

The Old Growth Forest is a region of forest older then history can speak of. The trees here have aged to the ability of being able to walk and even speak if they wish. While all trees inherently have this ability, they must become Ancients before they can mastery and actually use it. Home to these Ancient Living Trees and others who are protectors of them, it is a majickal place. The Old Growth is home to many Guardian Trees who have lived for centuries and while normally quite plant like, when the region is threatened, these walking trees become an army to be feared. Other Plant Races are found occassionallly in the region. While they conceal their nature by acting as normal plants. They are constantly watching, acting as scouts to warn of any incoming dangers. These Races tend to be Goodly in nature though can be neutral. Their loyalty is to the Ancient Trees and the region,. Woe be to any who wish to cause harm or destruction here.


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