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The lore of the Mystic GroveEdit

The Mystic Grove has been the main city of the High Elves for centuries.Under the supervision of Queen Andune Alcarin, Lady FireStarr's mother, and the High Council The Grove has become the center of trade, education and politics for the region. Advised by many other lesser councils, the Queen and High Council create the governing policies and work diligently to maintain the safety and beauty of Mystic Grove. The other Council's of Elder, such as the Council of War & Defense, the Council of Higher Majicks, the Council of Lesser Races Developement (also known as the Carousel Council) and the Council of Informed Knowledge & Education, among others report to Queen Alcarin and the High Council with much needed information and research. The Grove itself sits at the edge of the River of Life, from which flows enchanted gemstones. The gems always come to rest on the shore in the area known as the Adoption Field. The gemstones have been used for centuries to to hold the life force of those who befell an untimely death. Those of the Ancient Races are closely tied with the earth and virtually live forever, not dieing of "old age" such as Humans. They can however be killed by acts of violence committed against them or by fatal accidents. Those who have left in such manner may have their life force returned to this world by the successful casting of the Life Spell. The life force then stays within it's gemstone until it's physical shape is reformed and strong enough to survive, with care, in the world again. Those who wish to return back to our world answer the call of the life spell the River of Life creates. The beings that are nurtured and raised from the gems are called Companions, for the are from highly advanced, ancient races. The treat them as pets or call them such would be a great insult! They are friends, companions, guides and possibly even teachers.


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