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The lore of the Smoking MountainsEdit

The Smoking Mountains are in the most south-eastern point of the world. The center peak of this large mountain range rests an active and, at times, volatile volcano. While the volcano itself is home to many unusual Races, the entire region of The Smoking Mountians is populated. Those Races that are born of fire of course find the region perfect. Many others like some Dragons, find the peaks excellent for flight and the massive tunnels and caverns comfortable homes. The fact that gold runs though most of The Smoking Mountains as well as many types of natural gems, makes it attactive to many dispite the dangers of the volcano. The south most edge of The Smoking Mountains also holds the entrance in to the realm of King Hogrur's Mine, the Dwarven Stronghold. The Dwarven King has commited to his stronghold an extensive tunnel system and many precious metals and gems are mined from it's depths. Both Goodly and Ungoodly Races have come to these mountains over the centuries in search of ore and gems. Some have chosen to stay over the years and much strife between them occurs often. Dragons are plentiful in both the northern and southern mountain ranges but tend to have different characteristics depending on the region they are from. Dragons in the Smoking Mountains region generally tend to be much bulkier and prone more to physical attacks then their northern counterparts. The Phoenix are a race created from fire by the Gods. They replenish their energy continually while in the prense of the volcano, hence calling the fires of the mountain home.


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