Winter Wonderland

The lore of the Winter WonderlandEdit

Long ago, there was a young woman of The Grove who spent all of her days, from spring into winter, weaving the most beautiful lace. Come each Midwinter, she would gather all of her laces, and travel from one end of The Grove to the other, leaving them as offerings to one and all because she so loved life, and wished to share her joy. There was one, however, who grew jealous of the happiness which the young woman brought to everyone in Mystic Grove. Each year,The Witch of the North would look down upon The Grove below her icy mountaintop home and grow more and more bitter as everyone would awaken and find their beautiful gifts. One year, the Witch of the North pledged to put an end to her unhappiness. Late in the night, as the young woman set out near the Whitetop Mountains, a mighty storm blew down from the peaks and in the space between two breaths, snow and howling winds filled the air freezing the woman into a statue of ice where she stood. The Witch's frozen heart swelled with satisfaction when, come dawn, murmurs of confusion began to drift up from the Grove. Where was the young woman? It was Midwinter, and there was not even a set of sleigh tracks to show where she might be! Everyone began to look, and it was not long before the Witch heard the sorrowful cries as the woman was found. "Oh why has such a loving heart been frozen?" they cried. It was not the gifts that the inhabitants of The Grove missed, but the love the woman had shared so much. The Mystic Grove suddenly seemed a darker, sadder place for its loss. Not even the Witch of the North could stand to see the Mystic Grove so diminished. "I am sorry! I was jealous that I, who bring Winter, have never been so loved as she! Oh, forgive me! I did not mean to steal away such love!" With each word, the Witch an the crystalline sculpture began to glow until they were as bright as a star... Suddenly, in place of the Witch and the Maiden of Ice, stood a Mare whose coat was radiant crystal, her hooves and eyes of starshine, and mane and tail woven from the Wind itself... "I am the Mare of the North Wind. By the love you have given and the Witch's power, I have been born. So that none will ever forget their sacrifice, let the snow forever more be wrought of the finest lace and in their honor let every Midwinter be a time of giving and love and forgiveness and joy." And with those words, the Mare of the North Wind sprang up from the ground, leaving a swirl of the most beautiful, lacy snowflakes in her wake and gifts of dreams and hope in such abundance that none who lived within the lands of the Mystic Grove would be left without. Lore by Ravynfyre Winner of The Bringer of Gifts - Winter Holiday Contest 2009

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